Sting Get Huge Win

Sting Get Huge Win

The Seneca Sting (1-2) won their first game of the season, defeating the Conestoga Condors (1-4) 34-26.

Desperately needing a win, the Sting came out flying in their home opener. Sergiu Covriga opened the scoring the 9th minute, taking the ball and streaking down the right sideline from ten yards out

The Condors responded in the 17th minute following a lengthy battle at the Sting goal line. Cameron Warner eventually crossed the goal line for the try and Nick Teri made the convert for a 7-5 lead.

Covriga scored his second try of the match in the 27th minute. With the ball on the right sideline and tackle imminent, the Sting made six lateral passes before making forward progress, eventually finding Covriga who scored from fifteen yards out just inside the left sideline. The play was set up by a spectacular catch by Roy Walters on the first pass as Walters jumped and reached high above his head to keep the play in transition.

Following a near try which saw Liam Mcguckian cross the goal line, but was tackled out of bounds before he could touch the ball down, Tavis Phillips added to the Sting lead. From more than twenty yards out, Phillips drove through the Condors defence, scoring near the left sideline to give the Sting a 15-7 lead.

Warner scored his second try of the match followed by a convert by Teri to cut the Sting lead to one, but the Sting answered with two more tries to expand their lead.

Walters scored in the 44th minute on a run down the left sideline and made the convert for a 22-14 lead. Tanaka Mafuse scored four minutes later, living up to his nickname "tank", dragging a pair of Condors across the goal line. Walters made the convert to expand the lead to 29-14.

Warner added his third try of the match in the 61st minute, but a Ferdous Hayder try in the 69th minute put the game out of reach.

Juan Almada completed the scoring with a convert by Teri.

Covriga led the Sting with 10 points while Walters added 9 points.

Warner finished with 15 points while Teri was 3-for-4 on converts.