Murphy Inducted into OCAA Hall of Fame

Murphy Inducted into OCAA Hall of Fame

Category: Athlete
Sport: Men's Soccer & Men's Indoor Soccer
Institution: Seneca College
Inducted: 2017

Kailen Murphy was a stand-out contributor for the Seneca men's soccer program for four seasons.

Kailen was heavily relied upon by the coach and the team. With immense confidence in Kailen's poise under pressure, experience and tremendous skill, head coach Vito Colangelo often called upon Kailen to play different positions at critical points in the game.

Kailen's versatility-demonstrated that he could play equally well on defence and midfield. He was also often called upon to move forward at critical points in a game to capitalize on his scoring capabilities.

In 2008-09 in his rookie year, Kailen scored seven goals in 10 games, enough to be Seneca's second leading scorer. That season, the Seneca won the OCAA bronze medal.

The following season, Kailen scored nine goals in 10 games and was an integral factor in the team's OCAA silver medal. The Seneca continued their season as the host of the CCAA championship and from the sixth-seeded host spot, captured the CCAA gold medal.

In 2010-11, he again performed at high levels to score seven goals in eight games, earning OCAA All-Star recognition and surpassing all other players to be named the OCAA Player of the Year. All-Canadian honours were also bestowed upon Kailen that season.

His final season was largely a rebuilding year for the Seneca. Kailen was named OCAA East All-Star, but of greater value, was Kailen's continued commitment and leadership to a struggling team. As captain, he encouraged others and consistently set a high bar as a role model. Kailen was inducted into the Seneca Sports Hall of Fame in 2012.