Zhou, Wong & Aung Headline Award Winners

Zhou, Wong & Aung Headline Award Winners

Yan Zhou, Vinson Wong and Nicky Aung were named Seneca Sting Athlete of the Year winners for the 2016-2017 season at the annual Athletics & Recreation Awards Banquet Wednesday night.

Zhou (Badminton) was named Female Athlete of the Year for the second time in three years (2014-15). Zhou captured the CCAA National Championship in Mixed Doubles with partner Vinson Wong.

The Male Athlete of the Year had co-winners in Wong (Badminton) and Aung (Badminton). Wong captured the CCAA National Championship in Mixed Doubles with partner Zhou and Aung captured Men’s Singles National Championship.

Completing the evening’s awards was the jersey retirement celebration for Zhou. Zhou's jersey will hang next to ten other student-athletes and three coaches who have also had their careers recognized with a jersey retirement. The Badminton star finished her three year career at Seneca with a pair of CCAA national championships, a CCAA silver medal, three OCAA championships and three OCAA East Regional championships

Along with Zhou, Rachel Nham (Badminton) and Jamie Smith (Women's Soccer/Women's Indoor Soccer) were both inducted into the Seneca Sting Hall of Fame. Nham is a two-time CCAA National Silver Medalist, capturing her first CCAA Silver Medal in 2015-16 with Zhou and this past season with Christine Nguyen. Smith, in just two seasons, captured an OCAA Silver Medal (2015-16), was named an OCAA League All-Star and OCAA Central Division Defensive Player of the Year in the outdoor season and was named OCAA Championship MVP while capturing an OCAA Championship at the 2015-16 OCAA Women's Indoor Soccer Championship.

Rookie of the Year distinction went to Nicole Berardi (Women's Soccer) and Melissa Cable (Women's Rugby) and Men's Basketball's Khalil MIller.

Mary Zettel Memorial Leadership Award - Lauren Watt (Women's Volleyball)

Wayne Norrison Leadership Award - Gurpriya Kaur (Seneca @ York Recreation Council)

Stephen E. Quinlan Award - Jamie Smith (Women's Soccer)

John Cruickshank Service Award - Darryl Gomes (Assistant Therapist)

Supreme Service Ring Award - Hamid Najibullah (King Recreation Council)

Women's Sting 360 Award - Sarah Donato (Women's Soccer) & Sarah Givens (Women's Basketball/Rugby)
Men's Sting 360 Award - Azam Mohammad (Badminton)

Outstanding Team Contributions:
King Recreation Council - Hamid Najibullah, Stephanie Valdez, Matthew Melville
Markham Recreation Council - Khody Bonas
Newnham Recreation Council - Alik Derderian, Savio Rodrigues
Seneca @ York Recreation Council - Gurpriya Kaur, Bo Chen
Varsity Council - Brianna Bader

Team Most Valuable Player Awards:
Badminton (Women's) - Yan Zhou & Rachel Nham
Badminton (Men's) - Vinson Wong
Baseball - Dwaine Nichol
Basketball (Women's) - Alcian Satchel
Basketball (Men's) - Yusuf Ali
Cross Country Running - Ramon Laruan
Curling - Kendra Pierce
Dance - Leann Phanthasomchit
Golf - Matt Madden & Maria Novoa
Indoor Soccer (Women's) - Andrea Runco
Indoor Soccer (Men's) - Tajmir Ashraq
Rugby (Women's) - Jessica Watt
Rugby (Men's) - Jake Moreau
Soccer (Women's) - Andrea Runco
Soccer (Men's) - Tajmir Ashraq
Softball - Brianne Ghaney & Brianna Bader
Volleyball (Women's) - Crystalyn O'Donnell
Volleyball (Men's) - Sidney Wilding

Team Rookie of the Year Awards:
Baseball - Will Van Allen
Basketball (Women's) - Danielle Belcher, Shenice Stubbs
Basketball (Men's) - Khalil Miller
Cross Country Running - Dustin Cooper
Curling - Rebecca Dumond & Jack Martin
Dance - Hershel Ellis-Wright
Golf - Robin Hutchins
Indoor Soccer (Women's) - Nicole Berardi
Indoor Soccer (Men's) - Kevin Ghatine
Rugby (Women's) - Melissa Cable
Rugby (Men's) - Roy Walters
Soccer (Women's) - Nicole Berardi
Soccer (Men's) - Tajmir Ashraq
Softball - Felicty Dunbar
Volleyball (Women's) - Kayla Lewis
Volleyball (Men's) - Jordan Grannum

Sting 360 Awards (Recognizing Character, Excellence and Leadership):
Baseball - Francisco Mata
Basketball (Women's) - Sarah Givens
Basketball (Men's) - Haroun Mohamed
Cross Country Running - Kiran Persaud
Curling - Jakob Schneider
Dance - Nicole MacIsaac
Golf - Andrea Fayet, Juan Novoa
Indoor Soccer (Women's) - Sarah Donato
Indoor Soccer (Men's) - Savio Rodrigues
Rugby (Women's) - Sarah Givens
Rugby (Men's) - Johnny Opoku
Soccer (Women's) - Sarah Donato
Soccer (Men's) - Emmanuel Adjei
Softball - Alik Derderian
Volleyball (Women's) - Lauren Watt
Volleyball (Men's) - Taso Ballis