Sting Fall in Straight Sets to Grizzlies

Sting Fall in Straight Sets to Grizzlies

The Seneca Sting (0-4) battled the Georgian Grizzlies (3-0), but fell in straight sets.

The first two sets mirrored each other as the Grizzlies scored three points for every two the Sting were able to muster. The height of the Grizzlies had the Sting on the defensive for most of the match, unable to block the taller Grizzlies and forced to hit around the Grizzlies' block.

With Gibson Graham running an efficient Grizzlies' offense, the Sting were unable to match up against one of the perennial favourites in the OCAA East Division. Unable to find a way to implement their offense, the Sting dropped the third set 25-12.

Richard Housen Jr. had a team-high 4 kills for the Sting while Arsam Talebi finished with 3 kills and 6 digs. Isaiah Fogah also added 8 digs and Lior Mospan had 9 assists.

Kaelan Kloetstra had a match-high 16 kills for the Grizzlies. Hayden Nichol added 5 kills and 6 digs while Graham finished with 24 assists and 4 aces.