Sting Hit Century Mark

Sting Hit Century Mark

The Seneca Sting (4-1) rebounded from their first loss of the season, defeating the Mohawk Mountaineers (0-5) 103-0.

Danilo Nikolic recorded four tries (20 points) to increase his season total to 30 points in leading the Sting to victory. Owen Schimpl added a hat trick, scoring three tries in the win.

Leading the Sting in scoring was David Kavtiashvili who scored a pair of tries to go along with nine converts (28 points), increasing his team lead to 47 points on the season and vaulting him to the top of the OCAA scoring race.

Adam Jedrasik added a pair of tries as the Sting led 62-0 at halftime.

Also scoring for the Sting were Roy Walters, Liam McGuckian, Joe Ribbins, Liam McLaughlin, Levi Konecny and Tanaka Mafuse, all of whom scored a single try.

Nikolic put the Sting over the century mark, scoring in the final minutes of the match when he intercepted a pass fifteen yards from the scoring area with no Mountaineers to evade.