Push Ups

Push Ups (30)

Start Position: Lie face down on the floor, hands in line with chest slightly wider than shoulder width apart and feet (males) and knees (females) hip or shoulder width apart.

  1.  Press palms into the floor with thumbs pointing toward each other and fingers straight ahead. Extend arms until they are straight at 90 degrees to the body. Body should be straight at a 45 degree angle to the floor.
  2. Lower the body in a straight line until the nose or chin almost touches floor.
  3. Push up again until the arms are fully extended.

Finish Position: Arms are fully extended and body is straight at a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Trainers Tips

  1. Do not sag at the hips; maintain a straight line between feet, hips and to head.
  2. Push the heels back to help keep the legs straight. 
  3. Lower down and push in at a moderate speed; moving fast will result partial range of motion and no reps.
 No Rep:
  1. Body does not lower to the point of the push up counter.
  2. Arms do not fully extend resulting in partial range of motion
  3. Body is not straight; either back sags or hips rise above straight line to the body.