Box Jump

Box Jump (8)

Start Position: Stand away from the step with legs hip width apart.

  1.  Take a semi squat position keeping the back straight, chest out and arms back.
  2. Jump up explosively, but in a controlled way, fully extending the hips and knees and bringing the arms forward.
  3. Land on top the box in a squat position with the arms in front the body; heels fully on the box.
  4. Stand up on the box causing a complete opening/extension of the knees and hips.
  5. Step off the box (jump down not permitted).
  6. Males box height 24 inches and females box height 20 inches.

Finish Position: Squat or standing position behind the box.

Trainers Tips
  1.  Look straight ahead, not at your feet or the landing spot on the box (keep that in your peripheral vision).
  2. Drive up with the arms.
  3. When stepping down, alternate step-down leg in order to balance the training effect between legs.

No Rep:

  1. Heels hanging off the box.
  2. Failure to extend hips and knees at top of box.