Given the choice are you going to choose hitting the snooze button on your alarm or getting up half an hour early and making breakfast? How about crashing early after class or staying up late to make dinner? By replacing solid meals with shakes you don’t have to spend time cooking in the kitchen.

You can save time and money by replacing dinner or breakfast with a convenient, fast and cheap shake.

There are a ton of juice bars and stores selling meal replacement shakes but homemade shakes are way better!  Store bought and juice bar shakes are usually sweetened heavily with sugar, loaded with poor protein sources (if any), full of preservatives and missing many nutrients found in whole foods.

Homemade shakes on the other hand, can be packed with good stuff like high-quality protein, fiber, good fats, antioxidants and more. You can control the ingredients by adding whatever you want.


What Should I Put In My Shake?

Here is a simple template to use to ensure you have all your nutritional basses covered:

STEP 1 – Choose Your Liquid
Milk (dairy, almond, rice)
Green Tea

STEP 2 – Choose Your Fruit
Frozen or Fresh

STEP 3 – Choose Your Veggie
Fresh or Frozen

STEP 4 – Choose Your Nut/Seed
Flax, hemp, chia seeds
Nut butter


STEP 6 – Choose Your Protein Source
Whey Protein
Rice Protein
Hemp protein

That’s it! In 5 minutes you’ll have a quick nutritious meal. By keeping an eye on the amount of each ingredient you can control how many calories your shake will be. Experiment with your favorite fruits and veggies.